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Don's & Marilyn's World

Welcome Slim Shady!!!
Click here to visit Slim Shady's Page! Click HERE to visit Slim Shady's page... Click here to visit Slim Shady's Page!
(Click HERE to see a flying donkey!)

Welcome to Don's & Marilyn's & Slim Shady's official web site. Within these electronic walls you will find journeyman photos, family & friend photos, professional projects and goals, links to ski resorts that we have been to and those that we wish to visit, other favorite links, items for sale, and even a stupid quotes page. This site was created as an expression of ourselves and will continuously be modified and updated with current photos, interests, and goals. Please feel free to browse our entire site. Enjoy!...

Join us in laughing at those less fortunate people in the world.
Visit the Stupid Quote page for your weekly chuckle.

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